Life time Health Records
Store, share and get it analyzed from your Doctors
Unlock critical information hidden in your Lab Test Reports
Understand important health markers from your Lab Test Reports.
This will help your Doctor to detect vital information about your health history.
Fully Understand Your Lab Test Reports

Understand everything you need to know about each Lab Test marker.

Learn About 'Out of Range' markers

Get it analyzed from your Doctor about the effects it will have on your health.

Keep Track of your Lifetime Lab Reports at Health Records Bank

Monitor the out of range marker values time to time and track your health improvement.

How it Works?

Upload all lab test reports.


Receive historical marker values analysis.


Consult with your Doctor, track your marker values and improve your health.

Upload your all Lab Test Reports and get it Analyzed.
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get from Health Records Bank? +

  • Access to over 500 markers for blood, urine and saliva tests, with more being updated constantly.
  • Information about each of the marker with detailed science-based explanations of what your values mean.
  • Standard range value of the marker.
  • It will help to make changes in your lifestyle, diet, and supplements to keep you Healthy.
  • All health related information and records at one place to access, analyze and monitor any time.
  • Life time Health Records you can store & share with your doctor.

What is the meaning of “markers”? +

Markers are single tests such as Fasting Sugar, Thyroid, Cholesterol, vitamin D etc.

Markers (short for biomarkers) indicate (mark) the degree of health/disease in our bodies.

Can I share my reports with my doctors? +

Yes, you can share all life time reports and health records with your doctor using secured link.

Is my Health Data Safe & Secured? +

We take you’re your data privacy and security seriously. We use secure data encryption and employ many layers of privacy protection internally, including:
  • Limiting access of Personal identifiable information (PII), including your name, age, health condition, test results etc.
  • We do not collect PAN, Aadhar, social security numbers or home addresses
  • Your payment information is collected and handled by reputable secured payment processor gateway, and are not stored with us
We do not sell any of your health record information, nor do we have any third party partnerships that involve sharing your data.
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